Remotely control robotics vehicle with Python

After very positive experience with the Artificial Intelligence class, I decide to continue with Udacities CS373 "Programming a robotic car" class taught by Professor Sebastian Thrun. Since the beginning of the class, I have seen a lot of question in the discussion forum about the way to try algorithms we are learning with real robotic vehicles. That is why, I decide to start a series of posts where I will try to use exactly the algorithms we have studied in each unit to control our robotics vehicle. In this series I will use Python and try to keep the implementation of the core algorithm as close as possible to what was presented in the lectures. I hope it would be interesting and helpful for the students of the CS373 class like I am.
 Since it is a pure hobby project and all the activities are conducted in the evenings and over weekends I am not sure whether I will keep the pace and manage to produce the demo for every unit. But I will try hard. All relevant sources will be located at GitHub

I just posted the first examples from the series on localization from Unit 1.
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  1. This is a very impressive robot. I like the idea of using python considering how easy and versatile the language is.

  2. Thanks Gunther for the positive feedback! :-)


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