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Veter project is the set of applications required to control remote vehicles over the Internet to organize races. Vehicles are equipped with on-board embedded computer (like for example BeagleBoard) connected to video camera and WLan adapter. The cockpit application let the driver see the video stream from on-board camera in real-time and control the vehicle over the Internet.

Veter is a hobby project. We are working on it since about three years. A couple of days ago we decide to open our sources and publish the first version on Gitorious: The documentation is not complete yet but I am working on it. You can take a look on overview.pdf for more detailed project overview. Please make sure to check README if you are going to try to compile it yourself.

From the technology prospective, Veter project is based on the Internet Communication Engine (ICE), GStreamer and OpenGL. It could run on Windows and Linux. Currently, we are using BeagleBoard and TrainerBoard to control slightly modified RC car. The driver cockpit application is running on PC (Windows or Linux) and uses sophisticated visualization technique where decoded video is placed as a texture on the 3D model of the cockpit designed with Blender (the cockpit does not looks very attractive now because it was made by me :-) we are desperately need 3D artist who can help)
Motor and steering connected to the AVR-s GPIO. AVR is a slave on I2C bus from BeagleBoard.
The whole sandwich: BeagleBoard, Trainer (on the opposite site), USB HUB with camera and WLan adapter

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  1. Looking great, I can't wait to see it in action.
    I've just volunteered over at to make a 3D panel for you, and asked some questions there too.


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