We will be talking about our project at Gstreamer conference 2010

Our submission for Gstreamer conference 2010 is accepted and we will be giving a presentation at 16.30 talking about video streaming related aspects in our BeagleBoard and Gstreamer based project.

Using ICE middleware with GStreamer to implement real-time QoS-aware video streaming for remotely controlled vehicle.
Typically, remotely controlled vehicles are equipped with video camera to let the remote driver see surrounding environment. To enable precise control of the vehicle over the Internet, it is necessary to assure low video latency and ability to adapt to the changing network conditions. In addition, low power consumption is required to increase the battery-based operation time. In this paper we: a) outline our embedded control system based on BeagleBoard open hardware and Ångström m Linux distribution; b) provide requirements, motivation and describe how we build real-time quality of service (QoS) aware video streaming solution with ICE open-source middleware and GStreamer on this platform; c) we contrast and compare our solution with RTP/RTCP-based streaming alternatives and d) provide performance measurements for our adaptation algorithms.

In addition, we would be glad to make live demo where participants can drive our model car (approx. 30x40 cm size).
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