Support for joysticks (wheels) is implemented

We just pushed the new version of our cockpit and vehicle application to our project repository at gitorious.
The main new feature in the cockpit application is support for joysticks. In fact, it also means support for steering wheels with pedals devices since they are "joysticks" from the OS point of view. We tested it with Logitech Formula Force RX wheel pictured below.
 In addition, we add support for rear-view camera in the capturing and encoding pipeline which runs on the vehicle (BeagleBoard). However, we did not mechanically mount the second camera yet, that is why, by default, the rear view is generated by the videotestsrc element with "snow" pattern. But the tested working pipeline is already in repository and can be found in the car configuration file. The following picture illustrates how it is shown by the cockpit application.

Please note the rectangle with "snow" patter in the top left corner. This is the place where the video from rear-view camera will be shown as soon as we mount the second camera to the vehicle.
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