Embedded Linux and GStreamer Conference 2010

In the last week of October we participated in the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2010 (ELC-E) and presented at GStreamer Conference 2010. Both conferences took place in the Cambridge, UK and boy, atmosphere in the town is just amazing, you feel history and ideas at every corner. But when you get back to the conference, it's just one level higher. There you see the folks working on real world problems and getting them solved. What was interesting: TI OMAP processors, Beagleboard and Pandaboard were pretty hot topic on both conferences. Introduction of OMAP4 processor and related presentation on enabling GStreamer support for this processor were enlightening.

On the ELC-E we took part in the Case Study demo with our remotely controlled car and the feedback was great. We drove the car several times during couple of hours of case study and showed all inner electronics. Electronic components and plenty of wires always get attention :)

Getting ready to storm

Everyone could try steering wheel and gas pedal worked great. Unfortunately, we could not allow everyone drive the car, there were way too many people in the room and wireless connection was patchy.

During GStreamer Conference we presented our solution to the adaptive video streaming using Ice and GStreamer. Generally, adaptive video streaming was one of the major topic on the conference. Several different approaches were introduced, but most of them are in early development stage. Our answer to the problem with using TCP buffer for monitoring was the only one with working example.

Presentation of adaptive video streaming

The presentation with slides and demo videos are available in pdf or as a zip bundle with screencasts.

Generally, the conference, the atmosphere and the people were simply great, highly recommended experience.

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